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Top 10 Holiday Videos

Top 10 Holiday Videos

We have compiled our favorite airline holiday videos that we think you will enjoy.

» Airlines - W | Thursday, December 24, 2015 • Air News Times


Since it is the Holiday season, we have compiled our favorite airline holiday videos that we think you will enjoy. From spreading Holiday cheer to coming up with original holiday tunes, these videos will surely entertain you.

From all of us at AirwaysNews, we would like to wish you a very happy holidays as well as a very Happy New Year.

#10: Alaska Air Connects Families


Alaska Airlines started off by polling people on the street about which people want to spend their holiday’s with, and it flew dozens of family and friends to Seattle to spend the holidays in Seattle.


#9: KLM’s Simple and Small Acts of Random Kindness


KLM located passengers who checked-in via Foursquare and scanned their social media profiles in a discreet manner to figure out a small, carry-on sized personal gift before they departed on their flight.



#8: Finnair and Santa’s Secret


How does Santa get to every house and home around the world in just 24 hours? Well, Finnair opens the curtain hiding one of Christmas's biggest mysteries.



#7: Delta Air Lines Holiday Themed Safety Video:


Before Santa’s sleigh can depart, we mean before your Delta plane can depart, Santa and his elves must demonstrate the safety features of the Boeing 737-800.


#6: Malaysia Airlines Holiday Carols


Back in 2012, Malaysia Airlines engaged travelers at KL International Airport with youth carolers singing a variety of holiday carols.


#5: Air Canada: Experiencing the #ACGiftOfHome


A few people in Canada thought they were part of a documentary about gift mailing during the holidays, but Air Canada had something different in store for them.


#4: WestJet Christmas Flash Mob


We could not compile a list of airline holiday videos without this flash mob. In 2012, WestJet turned a quiet gate area into the North Pole by surprising 166 passengers that were waiting to board a Calgary-Toronto red-eye flight with a little Christmas cheer. Since the video was posted on YouTube, it has accumulated over 1.6 million views, and it has played a big roll in helping make WestJet famous for its holiday videos where it gives back to the community and spreads a little Holiday cheer.


#3: Southwest Flight Attendant Jingle Bells


It seems safe to say that Jingle Bells is the most well-known, or very close, Christmas tune. Now, there are a few different variations of the tune from the mention of Batman and Robin Hood to Jingle Bell Rock, but one Southwest flight attendant put together his own version. Be sure to check out the channel to hear his version of “Up on the Housetop.”


#2: Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dance the Aisles


Apparently, the only thing that Cebu Pacific flight attendants want for Christmas is “you,” and if you think about it, without “you” the customer then they wouldn’t have anybody on their planes! Now make sure your seatbelt is fastened, and enjoy!


#1: WestJet Performs 12,000 Acts to Spread Holiday Cheer


WestJet spread its wings across ten time zones, hit the streets in 12 cities and visited 38 airports to complete 12,000 random acts of kindness in 24 hours earlier this month. Some of the random acts of kindness included picking up someone's tab at a restaurant to giving out two roundtrip tickets to Vancouver to Ellen's audience to sending an entire family on vacation to Hawaii.


Bonus: WestJet Real-Gift Giving and Blue Santa Bloopers


In 2013, WestJet took its special Holiday videos to a whole new level when with Blue Santa and his WestJet employee elves delivered gifts to passengers on a WestJet flight in real time. Since the video first debuted, it has had over 40 million views on YouTube. We cannot share our top five holiday videos without including this one!




Bonus: A KLM Christmas Story


Santa decks the halls of KLM’s Terminal 4 at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to help spread holiday cheer to KLM passengers and staff.



Bonus: Delta Air Lines Twelve Days of Christmas 


A funny video showing the happy and hilarious humor of Flight Attendants. The parody of the Christmas tune “Twelve Days of Christmas” as “The Twelve Days of Flying”.



Bonus TAP Portugal Jingle Bells Version


This year, TAP Portugal’s Christmas video was inspired by the day-to-day aircraft cabin sounds to reproduce in a creative way, the famous “Jingle Bells” tune.



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